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Helping Children Become Better Learners Through Readin

Helping Children Become Better Learners Through Readin

“Guess What Happens Next” A Great Approach To Get Children Engaged And Interested In Reading.

Written by: Janet Homes

Illustrated by: Lisa Falkenstern

Yes, writing is one of many passions, but writing children’s books has always been close to my heart.  I’ve been writing short children stories and poems for many years. Now, it’s time to let the world know what I love to do in my spare time, write.  I was fortunate to have Lisa Falkenstern, a gifted, creative and talented illustrator to create the drawings for the book.  I would like to thank  Lisa for the hard work and dedication in helping this book come to life.

I was inspired to write an educational, sing-along, children’s adventure chapter book that tells the story through rhymes and songs for young readers. This book is full of non-stop adventure and colorful characters.  Children will love the rhymes and songs in each chapter.

What makes this book different from other adventure chapter books ?

The Adventures of Cotton Sinclair Pegasus Island is entertaining and makes reading enjoyable.  This book allows the reader to interact with the story.  In my 16 years working with children,  I have found children want to listen to the story and take part and predict what might happen next. As a read aloud, when the reader gets to the phrase,”Guess What”, he or she must pause to allow the listening audience to predict.  I believe this method gives the reader or listener time to mull over the story and guess.

Why wait to the end of the chapter or book to respond or ask questions.  You don’t want to restrict a child’s self-expression, creativity and imagination.  The “Guess What Happens Next” method will help children in the following ways:

Children responses will help in reading comprehension and listening skills.

Increases a child’s self-expression, creativity and imagination.

Help children remember details in the story.

Encourage conversation and participation.

Keep children interested, engaged and make reading enjoyable.


The “Guess What Happens Next” is an excellent way to get children interested and excited about reading.


Can you guess the meaning of this picture?  Answer revealed in book.